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About me

Hi, I'm Michael.

I have worked on a variety of industries doing IT management, hardware installation, technical support, software development and programming either for in-house support or for company clients.

Programming ranges from CNC machines, PLC and SCADA/HMI systems to office automation scripting (AutoCAD, Tekla structures, MS-Office), websites and classic desktop applications.

When not engaged with proprietary software, my tools of choice are .NET (C#, WPF/XAML, VB), PHP, Javascript, SQL (MS-SQL, MySQL).

My services

Data security

Technical services

Network support

Software development

People I work with

I provide services to both individuals that lack the skills (or sometimes are too busy) as well as companies at a per project basis. I do not work as a full time employee because both my clients as well as I, find the benefits of this arrangement to be one-sided.

Michael is a true 'Go-To' person. Kind, polite and organized. Although he is higly proactive he is not hesitant to get his hands dirty and is always ready to respond.

Konstantine, CFO

22 Months contract

Although we regret not having Michael as a full time employee, we hold him as a reference point to our entire staff. His professional perception and ethics has forced us to re-evaluate a lot of things. When he was not willing to go the extra mile, we knew it was our fault!

Nick & Kostas, CEO

12 Months contract

Michael was an invaluable asset to our company for the entire duration of his contract. Hard working, open, honest and very easy to work with. A rare quality these days.

Paul, CTO

14 Months contract

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Software download

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If you're not a client but wish to download any software for evaluation, feel free to contact me.


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